About this Nomad

I am a financial markets trader who used to work for an Australian company as a commodities trader. Being known to write journals to myself on various mediums, I’ve had this desire to share some of what I consider to be of value to others.

Growing up in what I would deem as a standard upbringing, I finished high school wanting more. It is at this point that I swapped the next few years of my life studying at university to a life of peddling drugs. Needless to say, these next few years would be extremely difficult, valuable, eye-opening, almost everything you could imagine. This all however was a learning experience and ultimately set me down this path that I am on and I am extremely grateful for the lessons life has thrown my way. None of us begin with all our desired tool sets but hopefully we can get closer to what we desire with each day.

This journal for me is a way to express my opinions on various topics around financial markets, right or wrong, and will be used as an accelerated form of self-review, a way to get in touch with other like-minded individuals and as a way to share my journey. I spent 4 years in a secure job in a great position and left to pursue this crazy idea of trading financial markets and seeing the world. With only 3 years trading experience behind me, I’m sure there will be many traps faced ahead but I’m backing myself to be humble enough to learn each lesson and make something of this.

So come along for the ride, laugh at my mistakes, celebrate the victories and let’s do this.