I remember it vividly – May 2016, 3.5 years into my finance career, kicking ass with 3 promotions already in hand with another on the cards to a senior position – everything I ever dreamed of while I was growing up. Add to this a 6 year relationship with a house and all the furnishings being planned, life was humming along smoothly.

Next minute, relationship is done with the lady moving out within 3 days. Apparently we’ve been out of touch with eachother. Apparently it’s been going on for at least a couple years. It was at this point where I really began to question what had gone so wrong in every aspect of my life.

After a few weeks I began to question everything with common questions coming up during this time being – Is this really it? why am I doing this? Is this what I really want to do?

I was in a 6 year relationship believing it was going well but after some serious reflection, I was telling myself a lie for a good half of that relationship. How about my career? I’ve had 3 promotions and all it got me was some extra money. I wasn’t any happier. I’ve also been told to study what I’ve been studying since I’ve been young as if a blueprint for my life had already been set.  This breakdown of my life continued with my diet, how I trained and what I owned. It was nuts.

The result?

How that relationship ended showed me that I had an incredible power – choice. I mean, if she can pick up and leave in 3 days why can’t I grow some balls and live how I want to live? Within 3 months I set in motion plans to free myself from anything that was irrelevant – car, house etc. The question – ‘Is this really it?’ – scared the hell out of me and made me realise how we need to take advantage of everything we have to live the life that we desire in the limited time that we are here.

From this began my journey into trading forex. If I could leverage my passion for finance and skills gained trading electricity and environmental commodities as a career, I could create an income trading financial markets on my own dime and begin to design my life however I like.

What you see in this blog are areas of my life which I am passionate about and I hope you take some value out of it for your own journey.

In the words of a once in a generation talent, the one and only Shia Labeouf – ‘Do it, just do it, don’t let your dreams be dreams……’